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Stylistic Simplicity Web Design
Hi. I am a Freelance Web Designer.

HTML5 - CSS3 - JavaScript

If you'd like to get in touch, fill out the form on the left to leave me a message. Otherwise, checkout my bookmarks!

New Tool and Site Changes
There have been a few changes to our site today including the User Bar and how things are now presesnted throughout the site.

The User Bar has been given a fixed position and will now be displayed on most any page you visit on JSDoodle. This also allows us to do some other things in the near future...

A new tool, called ServJS, allows just about anyone to upload their JavaScript file so that thet can be online and served from our site! This new tool is mostly just a new project of ours to play around with the server side of things. You can find this new tool at

In Other News...
- Added ServJS to the tools menu.
- User Info in the User Bar should look a little sleeker.
Fixes and More...
User Registration should be completely up and running instead of only looking like so.

In Other News...
- has been removed and instead integrated into the main page.
- MyJSDoodle link has been removed from the "JSDoodle" menu item.
- Older posts with popups now have default background of black (cross browser fix).
- Menu Item Titles have been given a different default cursor.
User Registration
I've introduced User accounts into the site, and so far things are going well. I havent't done much to do with the database side of things, but I'm hoping this will help me move along. Despite what it may seem, I do understand the concept of security and privacy, and personal information upon registration is sent to the server using secure HTTPS, and certain data like passwords are encrypted, instead of being stored using plain text. If you do have any questions be sure to let me know by using the form on the top of the page. There will be two types of accounts:

Buisness Account's:
These accounts will allow you to stay connected and up-to-date with our Web Developers if you are having
us design you a website. Although not fully developed yet, expect some nifty features. Will include most
of the features of regular User Accounts like Bookmarks. Also, you can not create a buisness account.

User Account's:
Just a simple user account to get somewhat associated with JsDoodle. Create bookmarks and log in to see
them from any computer. You can request to be upgraded to a buisness account.

In Other News...
- The User Bar has been introduced; shown at top right of page.
- User Bar will display the current user logged in, or "Guest" if logged out.
- Bookmarks have been moved to the top of the page.
- New menu option "Tools". Sites/Tools created by us.
JSDoodle Site Updates!
Welcome to the new JSDoodle site!

We have updated the site to include the News Portal to keep everyone in the loop on what is happening. Some people might call that a blog; although this is being done manually at the moment!

In Other News...
- The Doodle Console has been removed. More info soon.
- Introduced the News Portal section on the homepage.
- The bottom bar on the homepage has been emptied.